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Valenza Jewelry Week

Valenza Jewelry Week | Roma Jewelry Week


Welcome to Valenza Jewelry Week, the cultural show offered to jewelry and its history and to the knowledge of the cultural and historical tradition of the goldsmithery district of Valenza.


1. Where and when was the Valenza Jewelry Week exhibition born?

In 2021 for a happy intuition of the architect Ms. Monica Cecchini, an event called Rome Jewelry Week was born and its purpose was to present a week of events entirely given to promotion and enhancement of contemporary jewelry (author /artist), historical goldsmith realities and cultural heritage of the city of Rome.

The organizers of the "Roma Jewelry Week" (trademark pending) call up Valenza to set up its variant called "Valenza Jewelry Week" from 26 to 29 May 2022 and to follow the Capitoline stage in Rome from 10th  to 16th  October 2022. Talking about the 2022 edition, the RJW format will be conceived and developed to be large widespread exhibitions that will go beyond the borders of  Rome, to extend to Valenza and subsequently to other jewelry capitals.

2. How about the idea of Valenza Jewelry Week?

The RJW format aims to offer the public a high cultural value aimed at enhancing the Italian intangible and cultural heritage. For this reason, among the first to be involved, there is the oldest goldsmith district in Italy, namely that of Valenza, to give life to an event that is widespread in time and space. The idea arises from the sharing of objectives: and this is how the first important collaboration with the local Consorzio del Marchio DIVALENZA is achieved, which represents the collective and geographical brand whose symbol - the Goldsmith's Imprint - distinguishes the goldsmith production district of Valenza and with its partners which actually are: (i) Doralia, a digital marketplace for goldsmith artisans who want to sell their jewels online; (ii) Maggiordomus the service company for people living in the city of Valenza (iii) the "Valenza nei Marchi" the booklet to spread the knowledge of the goldsmith companies settled in Valenza (iv) Studio Cirri which provides the courtyard and the convivial hall of the historic noble residence “Palazzo Terzano” in addition to the irreplaceable contribution of the Municipality of the city of Valenza together with the Municipal Center of Culture and the Foundation of the “Cassa di Risparmio di Alessandria” for the economic support.

3. So, when do we meet in Valenza?

The "Valenza Jewelry Week" event, will be held in the last week of May 2022 (26, 27 and 28) and involves a lots appointments counting events, workshops, exhibitions in the courtyards of historic houses exceptionally open for the occasion and guided tours focusing on the history of the city, its goldsmith tradition and the methods of working gold and other precious metal.



Consorzio del Marchio DIVALENZA