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Giorgio Armani's jewelry collection

The Giorgio Armani’s day ended yesterday at night at the Armani Privé with live music by an extraodinary Italian songer, Ms Giorgia. In the morning, meanwhile, in a suite of the famous "Armani Hotel" in Via Manzoni, the first Armani collection of hight jewelry was unveiled.

1. The presentation of Giorgio Armani's jewelry collection at the homonymous Hotel in Via Manzoni - Milan

The first Armani collection of high jewelry, it consists of rings, earrings and necklaces made of white gold, yellow gold and precious stones.

Namely, the yellow gold has a soft and special nuance, because it has been created ad hoc by the goldsmith masters for King Re Giorgio.

But (all of you are askinking) who are the goldsmiths who handcrafted Giorgio Armani's jewelry collection? That, unfortunately, it is not known, but at the following link you can see all the pictures in preview

2. The presentation of the "Accents of Style" exhibition at the Armani Silos

From Via Manzoni which is actually the center of the city, the glamor moved to "Zona Tortona"  by Armani Silos, for the afternoon cocktail and the opening of the exhibition «Accents of style».

This is the first exhibition completely dedicated to the world of accessories to make up Aramni's outfit with style and elegance.

3. The pre-fall show at the Armani Theatre

At 7.30 pm, international guests and the the scene moved to the Armani Theatre for the pre fall 2020/21 fashion show followed by the placé dinner. King Giorgio Armani celebrated Milan with an all day long events: a fine jewelry collection, an exhibition, a fashion show and a rock night.

4. What are the topics of Giorgio Armani jewellery collection?

Giorgio Armani's first fine jewellery collection is divided into three themes. What are their names? "Borgonuovo" which is inspired by the street in Milan city where Giorgio Armani  is living and owns his head quarter, with variations on the theme of the logo; the «Yes» collection, made of earrings, rings and bracelets with a petal-shaped architectural simplicity set with brilliant-cut diamonds and black diamonds; and finally «Firmamento», which are stylized lines stars and moon sickles become rings, earrings and necklaces in white gold, sometimes enriched with fringes.

Post written by Barbara Rizzi on behalf of Marchio DIVALENZA - Copyright Protected