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Cocktail rings pictures can be seen at the Italian version

The popular and stunning cocktail ring born in the roaring 20s is now more in vogue than ever. It is the ring loved by women who like to get saw and it is actually the symbol of the rebellion against prohibition that affected America a century ago.

Who were the women who loved to get noticed? They were the Flappers, the women who first showed their ankles in the open; who wore shorter dresses and skirts and were also the first to cut their hair in a "bob".

The Flappers were very appealing in their sparkling dresses, they were used to listen to jazz music and to dance alone to the sound of Charleston which was the dance that went crazy in the New York dance halls and nightclubs of the 20s.

The Flappers put on unconventional luxury outfit and displayed their contempt for "nice girl" behavior.

Despite the "indignity" generated by the misbehavior and empowerment shown by the Flappers, their look quickly became cool and chic so much that, in a sweetened form, it spread among older and "upright" women.

The trashy elegance of the Flappers was expressed by the outfit but by  jewels as well.

Flappers used to wear luxurious and impressive rings, the so called cocktail rings, usually worn on the ring finger of the right hand.

This kind cocktail ring had the dual purpose of turn away attention from the fact that they were drinking alcohol that was illegal at the time and at the same time, they could catching waiters’ attention when they wanted to be assisted in ordering something more to drink. All they had to do was to raise up their hand to be noticed along with their cocktail rings and get one more alcoholic drink.